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welcome, the following is a description of the layout of the website pages
each page has a large picture as the background of the page
this picture covers the page from top to bottom & left to right
the picture is of a vision impaired person using a caine walking across a pedestrian crossing going from left to right
only their legs & the caine are seen in the picture
across the top of the picture there are cars driving along the street
and there are also some trees on the top left of the picture
now sitting in front of this picture on each page
top left is the link for large text pages
these pages have no images & have large text designed for low vision people
below this, is the link for the pages with no background image
these pages are designed for people who prefer to read the text with no background image.
then to the right of these, on the far right of the screen is the logo
below this from left to right of the screen is the navigation menu bar
below the menu bar is the content & pictures for the page
some pages have a picture slideshow
the pictures in the slideshow keep changing every 3 seconds
there are picture discriptions for the pictures in the slideshows
each slideshow has a pause button to pause the slideshow
There are also written transcriptions for the video and audio files
there is 1 video on the home page and the rest are on the interviews page
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Forward Steps Mobility

Forward Steps Mobility is passionate about providing quality, person-centred services to adults and children who are blind or have low vision.

We are a leading Independent NDIS Service Provider, specialising in a range of Capacity Building, Core Supports and STA services.

Servicing the entire Gold Coast and Tweed Heads Region.

Our Services Include:

a picture of Justin walking on a path with a yellow long cane

Our Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Specialist, Kim Pilic, has thirty years’ experience working in the disability sector of blindness and low vision, in the specialised field of O&M. Therefore, we understand that equipping and empowering people with specialised O&M skills, techniques, strategies and approaches, ultimately achieves their inclusive independent community access and participation.

Importantly, we also understand the functional affects, and associated impact of vision loss on a person’s independence and confidence; moreover, on their unique and connected social, educational, recreational, spiritual, cultural, vocational, and psychosocial inclusion within the community.

Forward Steps Mobility can assist in establishing, re-establishing or extending upon independent orientation and mobility in any given environment. Moreover, our O&M Specialist can attest to assisting countless adults and children over the past thirty years on their pursuit to independence, through white cane training, in addition to specialised orientation training strategies, along an assortment of indoor and outdoor travel routes.

 [image description] A lovely photograph of Carol standing, smiling, with her long white cane fully extended in a vertical placement in front of her body. She is wearing white summer pants and a bright pink t-shirt and is surrounded by a lovely green garden setting

“Forward Steps Mobility is my first recommendation to anyone seeking expert training by a dedicated Orientation and Mobility Specialist with vast experience, who exudes a genuine interest in her clients with a warm friendliness and yet, a polished professionalism”
(Carol Smith, Client, Brisbane).

[image description] A terrific half side on body profile of Tony standing at his workshop bench creating a pen and smiling towards the camera. He is wearing a pair of glasses and equipment can be seen positioned on his workshop bench

“I would absolutely recommend Forward Steps Mobility as it is a highly professional, thorough and a very personal/caring service provider”
(Tony Tully, Client, Gold Coast).

Contact us today for a friendly chat about our helpful and professional services – you won’t be disappointed!

Forward Steps Mobility excels in providing genuine, caring, compassionate, empathetic and strengths-based services, with a tailored approach.

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